About Us

Who Are We? 

Animalistic Pet Products is proudly Australian owned and operated, we are also Australia & New Zealand's largest patio pet door manufacturer. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland we deliver Australia wide right to your door, all for a great price. We Manufacture, Wholesale, Retail and Install pet doors internationally. We have around 80 staff members working with us and have grown substantially since opening 7 years ago.




We are a corporate sponsor of the RSPCA so when you purchase from us you know that some of the proceeds will go into our sponsorship program with them.




Our Story...

Our products have changed quite a bit over the years as our company has grown. 

This pet door is the first product we ever made and is the original temporary pet door. 

They were made in a garrage and sold online one at a time. Once we got the money from the sale we would go and get the materials and make the panel.

People seemed to like the idea and we started to sell more and more, eventually we moved into a small unit and took a few staff on to help with the manufacturing. We continued to grow and once we were large enough to pay for our own moulds to be made and could place large orders for materials we completely re-designed the product and moved to the far superior Alumnium and Glass insert. 

Eventually our operations got way too big for our little unit so we purchased our 6500sqf warehouse which is where we are still located today. So you can be at ease knowing your dealing with one of the most experienced manufacturers in this field and that we 100% stand behind the products we make. 


So when you buy, Buy the best, Buy Animalistic and support the RSPCA at the same time.