Installation Help Videos

In this section you will find installation help videos to assist you when installing your temporary pet door. Click on a topic to watch the video.


Installation Videos (A closer look). Click on each point to view the video.


Not so FAQ's

  • How do i remove the flap? - Solved
  • My track is too thin, How do i fit the pet door? - Solved
  • The magnetic flap closure is too strong for my cat, What do i do? - Solved
  • There is a small gap around the flap, How can i fix this? - Solved
  • There is a gap between my sliding door and the pet insert, What should i do? - Solved
  • The flap locking pop button is pushed all the way in, How do i get it back out? - Solved
  • How do i get my pet door insert to slide with my double sliding doors? - Solved
  • My Patio pet door moves in the track, how do i stop this? - Solved
  • My sliding door doesn't slide into the side channel on the pet door, Can this be fixed? - Solved 


Security Pack Installation



Fixed Panel Installation



Fixed Panel Installation



Pop Button Fast Fix



Remove Or Add Magnets