Installation Service

Dont want to install any of our products yourself? 

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Installation is Just $149.99


Terms of service that you agree to by booking one of our installers.

The flat charge of $149.99 if for the first hour of install, any additional time needed will be charged for at $70.00 per hour. 95% of all installations are completed within 30 minutes. Installations occasionally go overtime when the installer come across something out of the ordinary that cannot be easily fixed. If we suspect your install will be over time we will do our best to inform you at the time of booking and we will charge you a higher install rate.

The contents of the product that is to be installed must be on site ready for the installer. e.g If the installer starts the work and finds that you need an extension piece to complete it the install will not be fully completed and if you would like it to be finalised you may book another installation once you have the required piece. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to check and ensure there is no missing contents from the box prior to the installer arriving. 

If the installer cannot complete the installation due to your sliding door not being compatible they will attempt to fit the pet door in another way. If this fails we are not able to refund you for the installation but you may then follow our returns process to return the products. Any holes or changes to the product made in an attempted installation will breach our returns policy and we will not be able to refund the purchase.

If the customer is not present on site when the installer arrives we will charge a $70.00 call out fee. The customer will then need to call us to arrange for another installation time and we will require the $70.00 payment before the installer will attend the job again.